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AcreShield provides revolutionary seed selection with performance guarantees.

Your Farm. Your Legacy.

Commodity prices have fallen significantly creating additional stress on your farm.

Your farm’s profitability is highly dependent on attaining crop yields of 100% or more when compared to your historical yields. While crop insurance covers you up to 85%, profits are at risk when your yields fall between 85% and 100%. This 15% range is your “Yield Gap”.

Each year, you select corn and soybean seeds from trusted brands, but the risk of falling into this Yield Gap remains with no guarantees to safeguard those decisions.

AcreShield's Yield Optimizer Solves the "Yield Gap"

Seed Selection Matters

Optimal yields start with the intelligent selection of seeds. AcreShield’s Yield Optimizer empowers farmers with the insights needed to make better informed seed choices.

AcreShield’s Yield Optimizer provides raw, verified, independent seed trial data. There is no seed company marketing influence. Our unbiased information is derived from some of the industry’s most respected independent research trials.

Introducing AcreShield's Yield Optimizer 

  • Access comparative seed performance rankings to see top performing seed varieties

  • Find out how seed varieties within your favorite brands perform

  • Protect your seed choices with our Yield Optimizer guarantees

  • Starting as low as $5 per acre with protection up to 7x the cost
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Until Now, There Has Never Been A Solution For The "Yield Gap" That Is Economical, Smart, And Based On Your Farm Level Data

How AcreShield Works

Smart. Simple. Fast.

Finally, a low risk, low-cost solution to your "Yield Gap" problem. A seed selector with performance guarantee that yields will meet or beat your yield history.









AcreShield Helps Protect You From “Yield Gap” Loss

A Trusted Leader in Yield Performance Protection

AcreShield was founded to help farmers select the best-performing seed varieties and mitigate "Yield Gap" risk with revolutionary performance guarantees. We are farmer-focused, innovative and experienced ag professionals.


Effortless experience with easy signup and payment process


AcreShield's Yield Optimizer is backed with A+ Superior rated companies from AM Best


Demonstrated commitment to industry-leading information security

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What Farmers Have to Say...

Having AcreShield gives me the confidence I can manage my yield losses. For the price, I can't beat the “Yield Gap” coverage.

One of the biggest advantages of AcreShield is it gives me peace of mind that the approved selections I make will perform, or I get money back. It's a win-win situation! 

I have always known there was some risk that product recommendations could underperform, but I didn't know how to manage that! Now I can sign up my acres and have a money-back guarantee.

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